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About Us

The Mission

Langoli’s mission is to empower people all over the world to become fluent in any foreign language. While our core team is based in Cameroon, the teachers and students who make our mission possible are spread across all over the world.

The Vision

Langoli's vision is to be able to help anyone around the world who wants to learn any language , learn a new language with the easily and at his/her convenience.



learn any language Online 1-on-1.

You are on one of the best leading platform to learn any language online, from your home, office, school or anywhere you are!

 Langoli  is a personal tutoring service offering 30, 45, 60 minute one-to-one  or group online language classes with expert approved tutors. 

  • One-on-One Language Classes.
  • Group language Classes where the learner learns with others in a group class
  • Learn from certified teachers with proven experience
  • Find teachers from all over the world sharing their languages, dialects, and cultures
  • Study at your own pace without worrying about rigid schedules or fixed fees

How Langoli works

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Bastos  Yaounde 


(+237) 675066029

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